{ Ethnos is a greek word meaning people, race, or culture. } 

I started Ethnos Creative because I am passionate about stories. More specifically, I am passionate about meeting new people, capturing their perspective of the world, and sharing their story with others. I believe that sharing your story can connect us together no matter the personality, culture, religious or political belief. I began my journey in middle school and have continued pursuing video for over a decade.  I graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a  Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication, an emphasis on Creative Media with a minor in Film and Media Studies. After working professionally for 4 years, through the encouragement and support of my amazing husband, I am working for myself full time. It has already been an incredible time of growth and self-discovery. I hope to connect other creatives together, help creatives become successful, and continue to tell stories that matter, world-wide. I'd love to hear your story, and hopefully get a chance to share it; thank you for reading a small part of mine!

- April Kirby, Owner + Creative Director