Rise Up

Produced for fundraising event for GILLBT (Ghanaian Institute for Langauge Literacy and Bible Translation) The purpose was to illustrate the impact of Bible Translation into the mothe-tongue of local tribe in Ghana as well as to motivate the audience to support the efforts. Fun Fact: Ghana's Minister of Finance,  Ken Offori-Atta, who is seen in this video, donated the next three years salary to GILLBT during the fundraiser!


John's Story

Produced for Back2Back Ministries. It was shot on location in Jos, Nigeria. The purpose was to communicate the impact of the organization's Hope Houses. More than a foster home, Hope Houses give a permanent home and family to kids without either.

Rise & Empower

Produced for Jasper House Haiti , an organization dedicated to helping woman who have been vulnerable to trafficking or sexual assault. The purpose of this video was to showcase a few stories of impact in the organizations first year!

Where I Belong

Produced for The Freedom Story in conjunction with Heidi Burkey Films. Surachat and Surachai are brothers receiving a scholarship from The Freedom Story. This is a story of the impact of prevention (of human trafficking).

Bob's Story

Working title (password "bob"). This will be updated and ready to share soon. 37 years ago, Bob was in a terrible car accident oneweek into his year-long mission in Lagos, Nigeria. The accident left him a quadriplegic. This is a story of grief and perseverance.