Tim + Shanna

Thank you Google for connecting Shanna to me. I'm pretty sure she just searched Tulsa and videographers and somehow found me. Good job Google! Shanna and her (then) fiancé were living in South Sudan working for Samaritan's Purse. Our email correspondence was sporadic thanks to the time difference and poor connection and availability she has there but it was still so sweet. We instantly clicked due to her working in a non-profit internationally and me pursuing documenting international non-profits. { side note, this wedding connecting to me to an amazing bridesmaid, Heidi, who has been and will continue to be transformative for my life. She is doing exactly what I want to be doing and have already had the chance to work alongside her briefly for an amazing documentary she is producing. } But this is about Shanna and Tim. They were both very calm leading up to their ceremony which made the day go smoothly. But that's because they thought of everything already. One of my favorite things, were their center pieces and name placements. A little piece of Africa and she even thought to reserve a seat for me! Which like never happens! Thank you! 

The ceremony was very sweet and the whole day was truly a celebration and reuniting of friends and family. Tim and Shanna, I hope you felt so loved by everyone here in the US and thank you for what you do in the Sudan! Enjoy and congratulations !  

April KirbyComment