Ten Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day.

1. Keep your eyes and heart focused on the one you're about to marry. Your wedding day is full of emotions but let him be your anchor. Your marriage is what this wedding is all about!

2. Your friends and family will want to help however they can--let them. It's a great way for everyone to celebrate with you.

3. If you have bridesmaids or groomsmen that have never been part of a wedding, they may not know all of their responsibilities. To avoid some hurt feelings let everyone know expectations from the beginning !

4. Surprises will come up...but fear not! We had many things come up the day of the wedding: friends flights coming in late, somebody forgetting to put out chairs, and game 7 of the OKC Thunder playoffs. Roll with the punches, maybe even think outside the box. We used a big screen in our venue to put up the game during our reception; Everyone stayed and had a blast!

5. Designate someone to coordinate the day of-whether you hire someone or get that stern aunt to help out. Having someone in charge of the schedule and be the point-person for any questions throughout the day is a HUGE load off your shoulders and keeps the day running smoothly!   

6. Photography and Video is important! I may be biased but it's why I do what I do. The day goes by so quickly and your eyes only capture one perspective. Photos and/or video will be your only way to relive the best day of your life so make sure you trust the people you hire! And hire the best you can afford.

7.  This is one of the few times you'll have all of your close friends and family in one place. Treasure and appreciate it! Make sure to take the time to speak with them. Whether it's the few days before, during the rehearsal dinner, or at the wedding. Personally, I am quite fond of the rehearsal dinner, this especially is a night of VIP (bridal party and family) you won't have as much time as you think the day of the wedding to tell them you love them, so use the rehearsal to help slows things down. 

8. Don't stress over every detail but make sure what matters to you is covered. We watched our budget to make sure we had great live music and it was worth sacrificing the personalized match- boxes. Dancing with my friends and hearing everyone sing along to Katy Perry was well worth it.

9. Take a moment sometime after your ceremony to sneak away with your husband. You JUST GOT MARRIED you should have a couple of minutes to let that soak in and to enjoy it!

10. People will go above and beyond to celebrate with you and help your day be everything you've dreamed. Let them know how much you appreciate their love and support, and never forget those good people around you.


April KirbyComment