Sooners4Haiti 2015 | Documentary

What an amazing opportunity! My second time invited to document the Sooners4Haiti trip. Each year, since 2010, student athletes from The University of Oklahoma { Boomer! Sooner! } travel to Haiti to partner with Mission of Hope . They essentially do whatever MOH needs of them; when you have around 40 able bodied athletes, typically it's a good amount of manual labor. It's pretty awesome to watch a large group of young(er) kids serve so selflessly. Even just sitting on the ground and letting kids climb all over them is seriously a huge blessing to some of these orphans and Haitian students. Physical touch and love and attention.  It's pretty adorable to watch some giant football players be taken down by the sweetest of smiles. This week, last May, the athletes painted, sweated, bled, hauled bricks, dug holes, broke concrete, played basketball, braided hair, laughed, cried, worshipped, danced, and lived life with some amazing people on the other side of the world (pretty much the other side of the world). 

Being asked on this trip was one step closer to reaching my dreams - getting to travel the world telling stories about people and things that matter. So grateful for my THIRD trip to this beautiful country, truly blessed to be able to share in this experience. Thank you Adam Barnett and Jan Ross for inviting me once again! 

If you want to see some short clips of our day to day adventures in Haiti, check out James Fraschilla's Youtube page !