Logan + Lauren

I sat down with Lauren at Cuppies & Joe (delicious, check it out) last November. Immediately, I was just tickled (that's the only way to describe it) by her cuteness and country-ness (that's gonna be a word mmkay?). Lauren is sweet and gentle and lit up as she spoke of her fiance, Logan. She had so many details already planned out, she was getting married outside at a winery in Ringwood, OK plus my girl Melissa Green, now Marshall, was scheduled to be her photographer -- I was stoked for this wedding. And then May rolled around, and Oklahoma weather decided to rain on Lauren's p̶a̶r̶a̶d̶e̶  wedding. So the week of the wedding, after seeing 100% chance of rain, Lauren decided she needed to change her venue. Logan and Lauren were married at First Baptist Church in Kingfisher, OK. But let me tell you, this girl handled the rained out, last minute venue change with so much grace. Her "Plan B" venue was decorated beautifully and, honestly, better than most people's "Plan A"! Lauren clung to the fact that no matter what, she was gonna marry the love of her life. And regardless of the flood happening outside, she did just that! It was a beautiful wedding! Congrats Logan and Lauren!!



April KirbyComment