Layne + Madison

Oh boy oh boy! After a couple weeks of traveling, holidays, and 72 hours in, basically, a medicated sleep it's back to the grind in 2015 wedding videos! I absolutely love what I do but I think i took on a bit too much this year...that being said I'm devoted to giving each couple a video they will treasure forever! And, thankfully, I have been beyond blessed with patient clients! It takes a lot of time to get the pieces together for a good edit- the right music, the storyline, audio, color, etc. But I'm determined to give each video its due time!

Excited to share Layne and Maddi's story! I was able to sit down with them several months before the wedding . { I love getting to meet my clients before-hand and it's basically a requirement for booking now! } They were such a delight and a couple so committed to each other, I knew it was gonna be a great wedding! Congrats you two! I hope it was worth the wait, may you relive this joyous day over and over and over!! 

April KirbyComment