Kale + Caitie

"Today has been an amazing day. The day you have dreamed for, hoped for, planned for... all for this day, for a long time and it's finally here. Today you are surrounded by the people that love you and are praying that your marriage will be one of the great ones. This is just the beginning, I know you think you couldn't love him any more than you do right now but you can't imagine the love that will grow between you over time.  Today is your day as bride and groom but you get to be husband and wife for the rest of your lives.  Fill your marriage with grace, tenderness, and laughter - make it one that your children and grand-children talk about, praying, someday, to have a love like yours. Make it one worth living, every day, as long as you both shall live." - Maid of Honor.

This is the edited version, but one of the best toasts I've heard. It really encompasses the heart of the wedding day and the heart of marriage.

Absolutely loved spending the day with Kale and Caitie, they are two incredibly sweet people who's friends and family packed the house at Camp Loughridge in April.  I had a difficult time editing all the goodness down but I'm pretty sure we captured the essence of the day! 

April KirbyComment