Kacie Kinney | Realtor

For the last several months, I have been working hard to take my passion for video and create a sustaining business out of it. After nearly ten years of working for other people, throughout school and beyond,  I am now freelancing full time. It's been a ton of hard work and I've had to learn a lot but the benefits are so worth it. That being said, my girl Kacie has recently been on the same road. She's stepped into real estate and has already made a great name for herself. Kacie, having a background in Marketing and PR, knows that media is a great tool for her business. From HDR photography for her listings, to electronic signatures for contracts, this girl is keeping up with technology and staying ahead of the curve. I had the privilege to work with her to create a short promo for her real estate business so she could share HER passion with everyone. I wish I could have included everything her recent clients said about her, because it was all SO GOOD! This girl rocks the market, y'all. If you need to buy or sell hit her up! 

April KirbyComment