Jared + Kirby

Oh, these two, what can I say. Bright flowers, pink dresses, and squeals of joy -- just a few details that made this the sweetest day. Kirby was actually my first booking of 2015, she had only seen one of my wedding videos (my first wedding video) but still was so excited to book me --  the feeling was mutual. When she booked me last May, I had just acquired the same name :) Kirby for the win! Jared and Kirby have an amazing community of friends and family surrounding them, just listening to the 67 minutes of toasts that were shared at their rehearsal dinner, it is apparent that they are loved and adored by so many. I wanted to include as many sound bites as possible, so their friends could tell the story with me. I'm really happy with this edit, as I disrupted my go-to structure and ditched my typical "grand exit shot", which is hard for me because I think it's super fun and a great closer. I find that with each wedding I struggle between creativity and consistency but I am really proud of the unique edits I made. For this exciting and colorful couple, I kept it bright and saturated and wanted to end with some sunlight. What do you think? Did I make the right choice? 

A few others who made this wedding possible :

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