Yay Interns!

I've been running my business full-time for just over a year now and I have a lot to be proud of -- I have a lot to learn still and am so excited preparing for 2016. One MAJOR thing is saying yes to SO many things and not understanding what I can actually achieve on my own. So a couple months ago, I realized I needed help...but being a new and very small solo business I can't just hire someone- or multiple people- but I could still offer beneficial experience and expertise! So I decided to get myself a couple of interns! Living in a college town, especially that of my alma mater, connections would be easy enough to make. So I reached out to my old college and posted on social media and viola! I had applications turned in! After a grueling (okay not so grueling) interview process, I narrowed it down to two production interns and one administrative intern. I AM STOKED! I could not be more thrilled to have someone to help with paperwork and even more excited I have some help on the production end of things.  Alysa is a detail and task oriented rockstar, Trevor ALREADY has a rough cut for me, and this weekend will be Tessa's first wedding to shadow. They are all students at The University of Oklahoma ( BOOMER SOONER) , Alysa a business major, Trevor and Tessa are Creative Media (formerly Broadcast and Electronic Media) students in the Gaylord School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I feel pretty good about making connections back into my school as well as being a resource for them. They are all incredibly talented and I can't wait to see what we can all teach each other...hopefully for their sake, I can do most of that teaching ;) . Welcome to the team interns! I hope you know just how much you are valued!!!  

This next picture is what happens when you get your interns to laugh by yelling " anal beads " .... works like a charm ;)