David + Lori

When I sat down with Lori several months before her wedding, something about her really caught my attention. As we sipped coffee, she lit up talking about her fiancé and then became giddy as she told me her plan to spoil him with several gifts throughout their wedding day--all leading up to a brand new Rolex watch. It was imperative I be there to capture the reaction. David and Lori were married on the top floor of the Devon Tower in OKC; with details like bright pink flowers, customized shot glasses, and their dog walking down the aisle in a tux it was a pretty stinkin fun wedding. They laughed all day long, especially during their vows when Lori accidentally put the ring on the WRONG finger, it was hilarious. Check it out below! Between laughs were genuine, heart-felt, intimate moments between two best friends. This was truly an amazing celebration to witness. I don't know what else to expect from a couple who married on their 12-year anniversary. Congrats you two! 

April KirbyComment