Colby + Kelley

My dear friends Tyler and Kristen are getting married this September and I get to shoot their wedding! I can't be more excited especially because, spoiler alert, it will be at Southwind Hills - a place near and dear to me! Kristen's sister, Kelley was also getting married and Kristen wanted to surprise Kelley with video for her wedding, something Kelley hadn't thought about -- and voila! Colby and Kelley are such a great couple and their wedding was a ton of fun to shoot! From green houses to glow sticks, they know how to throw a party! The Connel's were married outside at the Will Rogers Park, Rose Gardens. I had never been here before, but I will definitely be coming back, such a beautiful park!

Also, special shout out to Matt Stansberry & The Romance, after hearing them in concert I was really stoked to find a reason to use their music. Their song "She's Got It" is used during the reception...go download it and other songs from itunes. Seriously good tunes! 

Special thanks to Kristen Leach, my second shooter, youda best!


"Always Been You" - Marie Hines (licensed through

"She's Got It" - Matt Stansberry & The Romance (licensed through Big Sounds International)

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