{re} Branding

It's my goal to launch with a new name in January. It's scary and exciting. Typically, it's always a good call to work under your name - what can go wrong? But, for the future me to accomplish, I have some goals and dreams that may be bigger than just me. Dreams to travel, dreams to help empower other creatives, dreams to represent more than my name. However, I've worked hard to establish myself as April Kirby Video and I'm really proud of what I've accomplished in less than a year. So I want to brag on some people who have helped me and share a little bit of the design and branding that I have now! 

Shoutout to Kristen Leach for "doodling" my logo. It's beautiful! You have so much talent in your fingers -- keep using them!

Also, Sharyl Mosley, you did a great job on my business cards! I get so many compliments ! 

If you're wondering what my clients receive when I send them their final copy, here's a little sneak of what it looks like now -- it keeps evolving, but I really am proud of my little box of joy -- thank you Hobby Lobby ;) 

      {Please note: My white on white photography and editing skills aren't perfect ... yet.}

So, there's a little look at what I do. As clean and professional as I can make it. What would you like to see in a goody bag like this? Wine? Candy? 

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