Aaron & Sharyl | Will You Marry Me?

Awwwww proposals are so sweet! And I'm so glad Aaron had the forethought to ask me to be there so we could all enjoy it!! Yay! 

A little backstory, Aaron and Sharyl met over the summer ( a few years ago ) at a summer camp. A chance meeting, that led to a VERY long talk on top of a school/camp bus. For their proposal, Aaron wanted to recreate the memory. 

I really like these two, like a lot. Like fave five status. My husband plays for Aaron and, though I am biased, I think Aaron has incredible talent and creates amazing music! 

I'm glad I was able to hide in the bushes for you two and even more excited to celebrate at your wedding, in August!! 

Shout out to Austin Cannon on our first collaboration, looking forward to more original music from you! 

April KirbyComment