Richard + Whitney

This wedding was a family-centered, DIY masterpiece! Whitney must have worked for months on creating all the details --  from centerpieces to a board game area. Every corner was dedicated to the love between Mr. and Mrs. Tsambikos. I wanted to capture what makes this relationship unique and what made their wedding so special. The venue, is gorgeous completely on its own, however, the whole wedding party worked hard to include a personal touch. I had so much fun being with the family as they set up until they sent off these newlyweds! My favorite thing about this adorable couple is how Whitney will tell Richard that he is her sunshine not just when skies are gray, but "all of the times". Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!  


Canyon Crossing - Sand Springs, OK

Music : "You are my Sunshine" - Elizabeth Mitchell ; "Hold Onto My Heart" - Graham Colton ; "Colours" - Austin Cannon

April KirbyComment